Why Would You Want to Track Your Car? Here’s Why

By now, you’ve heard a lot about GPS, or Global Positioning Systems, and their ability to locate and track just about anything on the earth’s surface. Anytime you pull up a map on your computer, smartphone or car navigation system to show your location, the device is connected to one or more satellites that relay your position to the device and match it up with the stored map. Smartphone companies also use this in addition to other technologies to help family members locate one another through their smartphones.

While there are convenience benefits, GPS is used for security as well. Businesses keep track of their cars and trucks on the road in order to protect valuable merchandise and monitor the performance of their drivers. But what about the “average” driver: Do you have things or people you want to protect? Of course you do! So what if you could use the same power of GPS to keep your car, valuables and loved ones safe on the road?

We’re here to tell you that you can! We can fit your vehicle with a system that uses the same technology the larger companies use. You would be able to monitor your car wherever it is, and you can do it from your home or work computer, or even your tablet or smartphone.

Here are some scenarios in which tracking your vehicle would be a big benefit:

  1. You loan your car to your teenager. If the kid takes the car to go out with friends or on a date, you can monitor the vehicle to make sure they reach their destination safely.
  2. You forget where you parked your car. Locating your car through the accompanying app on your smartphone will get you back on the road.
  3. Your car is stolen. You can quickly track your car and relay its location to the police.

In addition to the peace of mind benefits of vehicle tracking, there are features to keep drivers safe while on the road as well as offer time-saving convenience. Certain tracking systems have the ability to integrate with the vehicle’s internal network to gather data as well as control certain vehicle features.

  1. Monitor how your vehicle is being driven. If that same teenager speeds excessively, brakes hard or otherwise drives in an unsafe manner, the system records this behavior and presents it to you, much in the same way some insurance companies monitor the driving habits of their customers to offer lower insurance rates.
  2. Flash the lights and honk the horn to locate your vehicle. This is helpful when you’ve parked in a covered, multi-story structure.
  3. Lock or unlock the doors. If you’ve gotten to the office and can’t remember if you locked your car, you can do so from your computer or smartphone. On the other hand, if your spouse or teenager has been locked out of the car, you can unlock the doors for them.
  4. Start your car. Leaving home or the office in cold weather and entering a cold car is uncomfortable and inconvenient. Instead, you can start your car from your computer or smartphone to warm up the engine and interior and be greeted with a warm and ready vehicle when you arrive.

Let us help you discover how GPS tracking can make your driving experience safer and more beneficial. After all, your vehicle is a major investment, and the loved ones inside it are priceless.

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