What’s Behind You Is Just as Important as What’s Ahead

Everyone tries to be a safe driver. Unfortunately, there are so many things going on while you’re driving: the radio’s playing, you’re talking on the phone, passengers are conversing, and you’re mentally planning your day—all while you’re trying to be road-aware and look out for any obstacles. Those obstacles can be behind you as well as in front of you. You have large windows to see the road ahead, but your rear view is limited to a 10-inch (or smaller) mirror that reflects the view from a window that can be up to six feet behind you, and that’s behind the heads of any backseat passengers. It’s important to know what’s going on before you back up, but what if you can’t adequately see behind your vehicle?

There’s a reason rear-view video systems have become mandatory on most new cars and trucks. KidsandCars.org, a public awareness website that promotes child safety in and around cars, reports that almost 1,100 children have been killed by backover accidents in the United States alone since 2000. Rear-view video systems enhance the use of a rear-view mirror to give you a more comprehensive view of what—or who—is behind your car. They let you see the rear view even if passengers or cargo partially block your rear window, allowing you to safely maneuver and respond quickly if you see an obstacle.

Rear-view video systems use a small, weatherproof camera that is mounted on the rear of the vehicle, facing backward. It is connected to a monitor inside the car that allows you to see what it sees. Depending on your vehicle and your own preferences, cameras can include additional technology such as a wide-angle lens, a higher-definition image or a better night view.

How you see the images is also dependent on how your car is personalized. On many factory radios with an in-dash screen, the rear view can show on the screen when the vehicle is placed into reverse gear. Many screen-equipped aftermarket radios also offer this feature. If neither of these is an option, you can use a replacement mirror that combines the traditional mirror with a rear-view video monitor, or use a standalone monitor mounted on the dashboard.

As rear-view video experts, we can provide you with a system that gives you this vital safety benefit without changing the look of your car. We even have vehicle-specific, customized camera options for many popular models that hide the camera to maintain a factory look. Talk to us and drive away with peace of mind!

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