Love Your Car, But Hate the Audio?

You love your trusty car. Every button, dial and display is exactly where you want it. And yet, there’s something missing from the sound. Maybe it’s degraded over time, or maybe it never quite sounded as robust as it should, especially when playing your favorite tunes.

Replacing the radio isn’t an option because it’s tied into the dash and connected to A/C and emergency response controls. So, is your only solution to get a new car? Definitely not! Your existing car can sound better. Here at Mobile Toys, we have 4 solutions we use, either by themselves are in groups, to improve sound while keeping the radio right where it is.

Add an Amplifier.

In many factory systems the radio simply doesn’t have enough power to help the speakers deliver the right amount of voice, volume and clarity. An amplifier installed between the radio and existing speakers provides that extra power and dramatically improves the sound.

Change the Speakers.

Even with more power, sometimes the speakers aren’t built to produce the desired sound. In this case we upgrade the speakers with higher-quality versions. Most of these fit into the same space as the factory installed speakers, so you won’t see the difference. But thanks to new build materials, better designs and power handling technology, you will hear the difference!

Add a Subwoofer.

Based on the vehicle and speaker sizes, your audio system may not be able to reproduce the “low notes” in music produced by drums, synthesizers and bass guitars. These notes require larger speakers that would not fit in the dash or doors. In this case you need a subwoofer. A subwoofer is typically installed in an enclosure or space in the rear of the vehicle. Due to its power requirements, it requires an amplifier.

Add Signal Processing.

If you really want the best audio reproduction possible, you must “shape” sound to fit the vehicle. A Digital Signal Processor (DSP) changes the frequencies reproduced by each speaker so each plays only the range it was built to play. Plus, it takes the vehicle’s interior size into account and adjusts the time it takes for the sound from each speaker to reach the listener’s ears. This results in the ideal sound stage.

Don’t feel trapped with sub-par sound. Stop in or give us a call, and let’s come up with a solution to make your music sound great!

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